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4 Simple and Easy Ways to Apply for Employer Identification Number

Getting an Employer Identification Number sometime become necessary but the main thing is that before getting the same number one should determine everything properly. It is because once the number is issued to you, then it is cannot cancel. On the other side, if you think about getting an ENI number, then are absolutely at right place.

Here you find the best and 4 ways which help you in getting ENI number easily. Therefore, those 4 ways are given below and you need to follow them properly –

  • Online – It is the best and the first method to apply for ENI. People only have to fill the application online and then submit it to the IRS or you can say Internal Revenue System. After then, it easily provide them ENI or tax number id in short time. The same number is addressed to the people by mail or fax.
  • Phone – In the same process, people have to call at the suitable number of Business & Specialty Tax Line and then they normally get you the required information about the same process.
  • Fax – The same method or way is also easy like others. In it, people have to fill the SS-4 application and then they simply complete the Employer Identification Number process.
  • Mail – Another method by which one can easily apply for ENI number is mail. You easily complete the same process by the method of mail.


In a nutshell, it depends on the people that by which method they are going with to apply for the Employer Identification Number. Among all these methods the best one is online as it saves your time and also provides them with the ENI quickly. Before going to apply for ENI you have to properly know that who needs a tax id (ein)?.